Powder-coated Planters

Our powder-coated planters come in a huge range of sizes and RAL colours. 

Bright red painted metal cube planter on a sunny day in front of a black wooden building. Made by Metal Planters UK.jpg
A Pair of smart anthracite grey planters in RAL 7016 matt, sitting on a wooden table in front of a light grey wall.jpg
Green cube metal planter with ferns and yellow achillea flowers on a blank white background.jpg
Bright pink trough planter.jpg
Moss grey large garden planter on castors.jpg
A large 180cm long grey planter with pink and yellow floowers and tall grasses, on a blank white background.jpg
Large orange metal planter sitting on grass in front of a black painted wooden building.jpg
150cm long dark green powder-coated metal planter on wheels, with Humber Dock logo printed on the side, made by Metal Planters UK.JPG
close up photo of the corner detail of a dark grey window box sitting on a wooden workbench.JPG
A large metal planter painted RAL 5008, with wheels and green plants, on a deck in the rain.PNG
Close up of lockable wheels fixed to the bottom of a grey anthracite powder-coated metal planter.JPG
White cube planter in RAL 9010, made from powder-coated metal by Metal Planters UK. Planted with tall grasses and pink flowers.jpg
four tall grey powder-coated steel tapered planters on a garden patio in front of a brick wall.PNG
Lavender plants in a dark grey planter, in front of a blue painted wall.png
Black window box
two large grey planters in a garden against a red brick walled house, in the rain, with small plants.PNG
a very long, 250cm, powder-coated anthracite grey planter on wheels, sitting on a lawn in front of a cream coloured wall with dark red flowers.JPG
very large metal garden planter, powder-coated in RAL 7033 cement grey, in font of a rendered wall.JPG
a large square planter, painted in RAL 7033 cement grey, with Short & Strong company logo.JPG
Very large sqaure planter made from dark grey powder-coated metal, planted with an olive tree, surrounded by pebbles, in a large lawned garden.PNG
A powder-coated metal foot uunderneath a anthracite grey powder-coated metal planter made by Metal Planters UK
A row of tall tapered grey power-coated planters with buxus balls.jpg
A set of 4 powder-coated grey planter feet, made by metal planters uk.JPG
Very large bright blue powder-coated metal planter filled with lavender, heuchera and bunny ears, against a white background.jpg
Black metal planter in RAL 9005 matt finish, on a deck.png
3 light grey planters in RAL 7001, on a table with a mixture of plants ready to be planted, against a black wooden building, by Metal Planters UK.png
Powder-coated metal planter in RAL 7001, planted with tall grasses, on a roof terrece of cobble and deck, with blue skies.
Powder-coated planter with bright stipa tenuissima, on beach cobbles
Pair of matching powder-coated metal planters either side of a house dorway, planted with phormiums and heuchera
A pair of powder-coated metal planters with brackets, in colour RAL 7016, on a wooden deck
White RAL 9016 long metal powder-coated planter on a wooden ooutdoor table
4 powder-coated metal brackets for fixing windowboxes to a wall, in RAL 7016, on a wooden deck
Powder coated metal planter in RAL 7016, on a wooden deck with grey background
Extra long turquoise blue metal planter on a table with plywood background
Grey window box, displayed on a wooden deck
Large L-shped white metal planter
Large blue metal planter on grass in front of black barn
Black window box on castors, photographed on a deck against a light grey wall
Pair of small grey metal plant post on a grey deck with a Metal Planters branded mug
Small black metal planters on a table with some metal bracketsJPG
Bronze coloured metal powder-coated window box
Light grey large powder-coated metal planter on a wooden deck against a grey wall
RAL 6015 BLACK OLIVE powder-coated metal planter on a table with a grey background.jpg
Large Blue cube metal planters in RAL 5005
Large white cube planter in powder-coated metal RAL 9010, on a wooden deck, against a black painted fence
Green cube planter with tall grasses and pink flowers
Powder-coated metal planter in RAL 5018 with plants
Tapered powder coted planter.jpg
RAL 7016 corner planter.jpg
Pair of tall grey metal garden planters.jpg
Blue trough planter in RAL 5007 matt.jpg
Pastel green metal cube planter, 600mm.jpg

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