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Galvanised Planters

Our galvanised planters come in all shapes and sizes, up to 2500mm in length. 

Small galvanised steel cube planter sat on a wooden deck with a grey background
Pair of galvanised metal cube planters on a wooden deck with a plain grey background
Overhead view of two galvanised steel planters on a wooden table, with a light grey background
A 1200mm long galvanised metal planter with a central support bar, sitting on wooden planks against a grey background
Side view of a 1 metre long silver metal planter on a wooden table, against a grey background
A 60cm cube planter made from galvanised steel, sat on a wooden table against a grey wall
A 120cm long silver galvanised garden planter on a wooden bench, in front of a black painted wooden building
Galvanised Planters - Mixed sizes - Metal Planters UK.JPG
Mixed sizes - Galvanised Planters - Metal Planters UK.JPG
IMG_0113 2.HEIC
IMG_0826 4.JPG
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