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Frequently Asked Questions

I need a planter that's a different size to the ones on the website - is that possible? 

Yes. All our planters are made to order and the website just shows our most popular sizes. If you can't find a size or shape that you need then send us an email at and we'll get back to you within 24hrs with a quote. We can make almost any shape and sizes up to;

Cubes: 1000mm x 1000mm x 1000mm

Window boxes and rectangular planters: 2500mm long

Tapered planters: 1500mm tall


How long is the delivery time for my planter? 

Our normal lead time is 4 weeks, but we always endeavour to get your planters to you sooner if we can. During peak season (spring and early summer) this can be extended up to 6 weeks due to the large volume of orders we receive during this period. Any extension to lead times will be shown in a banner on our homepage.  (UPDATE: 5th April 2024 - Due to current high demand, our lead times have been temporarily extended to 7 - 8 weeks. We are working hard to get orders out as quickly as possible so that we can get back down to the usual 4 weeks).


Can you deliver my planter anywhere in the UK?

Yes, we deliver to many places on the UK mainland FREE of charge, for orders over £120. If you are outside our free delivery areas, delivery charges will be calculated during checkout. Unfortunately we can't deliver outside the UK at the moment, but if you have a big order then contact us and we'll see what we can do. 


Has my planter been made in the UK?

Yes, all our planters are handmade on the English / Welsh border in Herefordshire. 


Will you give me a refund if I order the wrong size planter?

Unfortunately because all our planters are made to order we can't give you a refund if you gave us incorrect measurements


What happens if my planter arrives and it's the wrong size or colour?

If we make a mistake then we'll hold our hands up and replace your incorrect planter free of charge within 28 working days. Bear in mind that all planters have a tolerance of +/-5mm. 


How much tolerance should I allow when measuring for my planter?

Each planter is made with a tolerance of +/- 5mm, but we'd suggest allowing a little bit more when you measure your space - just to be on the safe side. If your planter is going in a very tight space then let us know by dropping us an email


How strong are the planters?

Whilst being lightweight, our planters are very strong and for extra strength we add a strengthening bar, as standard, across the top of all planters over 1200mm long, up to 600mm wide. If you'd prefer not to have the strengthening bar for any reason, just email us to let us know. 


Let's say I wanted to fill my planter with water - will it leak?

Yes! Our planters are not guaranteed to be water tight due to the lock-forming jointing way that they are made. If you want to use them for a water-feature then we'd suggest having them lined with fibreglass or using a pond liner.


How thick will the metal of my planter be?

Our planters are made from 1mm thick galvanised steel sheets.


Will my planter come with drainage holes?

Yes, we put drainage holes in all planters as standard, but if you don't want drainage holes then you can opt not to have them when you order. 


What will my planter be made from?

All of our planters are made from galvanised sheet steel. We sell them in either their raw galvanised state, or powder-coated in a RAL colour of your choice.


What is raw galvanised sheet metal?

Our galvanised planters are made from raw galvanised sheet, straight from the steel mills. As such, there can be a degree of light scratching on the surface. These scratches are cosmetic and do not have any effect on the longevity of the planters.  


How do your planters differ from the ones in DIY stores?

All our planters are made from galvanised steel, unlike many off-the-shelf planters in DIY stores that are made from zinc. Zinc is a cheaper metal and doesn't last as long as steel - it also bends and dents really easily. Our planter are built with lock-formed seams on the corners for extra strength and the metal at the top and bottom of our planters is folded for superior rigidity. 


Can my powder-coated planter be any colour I like? 

No. We can only powder-coat planters with colours from the RAL chart, but don't worry there's hundreds of RAL colours. Have a look at the RAL chart above.

Do the planters have a guarantee?

Yes, our galvanised and powder-coated planters are guaranteed against rot for 1 year.

Should I put gravel in my planter to help drainage?

To help stop your soil from becoming waterlogged and to keep your plants healthy we recommend using a 10cm deep layer of drainage aggregate in the base of your planter. You can use gravel or rocks, but these are quite heavy. If you are using your planters on a roof terrace or balcony and need to keep the weight down we can supply you with LECA® lightweight aggregate. It is approximately 5 times lighter than gravel and we supply it in quantities to suit the size of your planter so that there is no wastage. 

What are your Insulation and Membrane kits for ?

Metal is a great conductor of heat and cold, so we supply pre-cut sheets of 25mm thick insulation to line the inside of our planters, helping to protect the roots of your plants from getting too hot in summer or freezing in winter. The membrane in our kits acts as a filter to prevent soil and drainage material mixing together whilst also cleaning excess water coming out of the drainage holes to help stop muddy water staining your patio / deck.  

Do you sell feet for the planters?

Yes, we sell planter feet in packs of 2, 4 and 6, depending on the size of your planer. Our feet are powder-coated to match the colour the planter. We recommend that feet are used on all planters as they raise them off the ground and allow water to freely drain away.  

Can you make planters with wheels?

Yes, we can fix wheels on the base of all our planters during the manufacturing stage. We offer various sizes of wheels depending on the size of the planter and how much soil it will contain. As standard, two wheels will include a brake so that you can stop the planters rolling away. 

Can you supply planters with my logo on?

Yes, we can add vinyl logos to the front / rear of your planter. All we need is a copy of your artwork in a vector format EPS or PDF file and we'll send you a mock up of how the planter will look with your branding.

Planter 120 Red.jpg

1500mm x 500mm x 500mm

Powder-coated steel rectangular planter



Planter 90 White.jpg

600mm x 600mm x 600mm 

Powder-coated steel cube planter



Planter Black 60449.jpg

1100mm x 250mm x 250mm

Powder-coated steel window box



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