Planter Accessories

We also supply a range of accessories to complete your metal planter.

Insulation and membrane for your planter

Metal planters conduct cold and heat very effectively and in extreme conditions this can lead to the plant roots overheating or freezing. To combat this we supply an Insulation and Membrane Kit, comprising pre-cut sheets of 25mm insulation board for each planter, along with 2 pre-cut sheets of separation membrane (optional extra on order form).

Our insulation boards line the internal walls of the planter, whilst our separation membrane is used in the base to filter the draining water so the dirt stays inside. A second layer is then used between the drainage aggregate and soil to keep them separate. We recommend these are used in every metal planter.


Powder-coated feet to match your planter

We also supply feet for your metal planter which allow air to escape and keep your planter dry underneath. Placing feet under your planter will raise it off the ground by 30mm thus supplying good airflow and allowing water to escape through drainage holes in the base, prolonging the life of your planter. This also allows your planter to stay clean for longer as dirt will not collect against the sides as much. Available in a galvanised or powder-coated finish to match your planter.


Planter feet and insulation can be added as optional extras on all our planters through our shop.

Powder-coated planter feet.JPG

LECA® Lightweight drainage aggregate

Water is essential to keep your plants healthy, but too much water can cause them to rot and die. Our planters come with drainage holes as standard, but they work best when you use a layer of aggregate below your soil, creating an easy route for water to escape and avoiding the roots of your plants sitting in water. 

There are many aggregates that you can use for drainage and for this purpose we supply LECA® expanded clay balls. LECA is lightweight, around 5 times lighter than gravel, so is perfect for reducing the overall weight of your planter - particularly useful when planting on roof terraces and balconies. 


We supply LECA® aggregates in 50L bags, full pallets and per volume to suit the size of your particular planters. We are gradually adding the custom volume option to every planter listing on our website, but if you are buying a planter and you don't see the option yet, just let us know and we'll calculate the amount you need.


Find out more about LECA®

Planter 120 Green.jpg

1500mm x 500mm x 500mm

Powder-coated steel rectangular planter



Planter 90 Stone.jpg

600mm x 600mm x 600mm 

Powder-coated steel cube planter



Planter Black 60449.jpg

1100mm x 250mm x 250mm

Powder-coated steel window box