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LECA® Lightweight Drainage Aggregate

LECA® Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate is the perfect product for using in the base of your planter as a drainage medium. Between 4 to 5 times lighter than gravel, LECA® is ideal for building up height in tall planters, allowing less soil or compost to be used, therefore reducing the planters overall weight when filled. 

Well suited for use in planters on roof terraces and balconies where weight is an issue. Available in 50L bags, per pallet or calculated per volume to suit the size of your planter. 


LECA® Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate is inert and not subject to degradation. It can also be mixed with compost to increase aeration around plant roots and help retain moisture, meaning less frequent watering in summer. 

For use as a drainage medium we recommend a 10cm layer in the base of each planter, with a separation membrane above and below (available in our Insulation Kits).

We are in the process of adding LECA® as an option to each individual planter listing, based on the size of the planter. If you are purchasing a planter that doesn't yet show LECA® as an option, just let us know and we will calculate it for you.

Delivery of LECA@ as part of a planter order over £120 will be free. For orders of LECA® only, please contact us for a quote at 

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